A new series of articles based on artists and the art world.

I will be starting with a couple of Wellington artists that I work with as part of my day job at The Art Library The intention is to write short articles on their craft and who they are and why they do it. It will be illustrated of course with examples of their own work and a photo of the artist and maybe a video or two of them creating. Further down the line I intend to interview curators, galleristas, collectors and those who work on the support side; framers, hangers etc.

If there is anyone you can think of that should be on my hit list, please do let me know.



Pete Carter is all over the place. He writes and takes photographs and runs an art rental business. He lives in Eastbourne in New Zealand with a wife (an artist) and two dogs, they have two grown up children, one lives in Bristol and the other in Sydney. Two books of poetry and prose are out and he has written a children's book by mistake that will be published in February 2017. This book as illustrated by his nephew. There is also a novel that rightly has not yet seen the light of day. He has had magazine articles published and poetry in anthologies. As a photographer he has had two solo exhibitions and work included in group exhibitions in NZ and overseas and has sold his work to corporate clients.

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